GU Medical Oncology Meeting Agenda

Friday, Mar 1 1530-1620 Clinical Trials By Centre – Ojectives: status, barriers, needs by centre Dr. Bernie Eigle
1530-1540 Dr. Christian Kollmannsberger for Vancouver
1540-1550 Dr. Joanna Vergidis for Victoria
1550-1600 Dr. Daygen Finch for Kelowna
1600-1610 Dr. Jenny Ko for Abbotsford
1610-1620 Discussion
1620-1640 Status Update on GU drug access/funding (prostate-abiraterone in the mCSPC setting, apalutamide in the CRPC MO space, double IO for mRCC, IO for metastatic bladder Dr. Helen Anderson Dr. Christian Kollmannsberger
1640-1650 Update on status of guidelines Dr. Joanna Vergidis
1650-1710 Challenges of Community Oncology Dr. Simon Yu Dr. Edward Hardy
1710-1800 Biobank program Dr. Kim Chi
1710-1730 Objectives-Updates and interesting findings Dr. A. Wyatt
1730-1750 Objectives-MicroRNA results in testes cancer Dr. Lucia Nappi
1750-1800 Closing Statements and Topics for Next Year Dr. Joanna Vergidis